At Pictomize we understand the need for video marketing for businesses online and on social media. That’s why we have come about to provide you with a service that really understands the core messages you want to get across in a very visual and interesting way to your viewers. We are there every step of the way from initial meetings, to discussing story boards, scripting, shooting and editing. We are meticulous about the quality of our work and make sure we stick to agreed budgets and time frames. We are always mindful of your requirements and strive to achieve exactly what you are looking for. If you really want your business to shine and communicate your products, services or business through a creative video please get in touch now.

With mobile internet and the social media boom in full swing now, no business can afford not to market themselves online. We at Pictomize have recognised this need from businesses wishing to advertise/promote themselves and decided to start Pictomize. The importance of creative images and videos for use in a digital world has become paramount, great content captures attention, gets viewers engaged and is likely to get your content shared and increases the chance of viewers committing to a purchase or enquiry. Our vision is to be the number one choice for any company wishing to promote themselves online utilising images and video.

Pictomize seeks to create emotion stirring visuals in both still images as well as videos and helps clients to really express themselves in a creative way. We strive to grow upon honesty, integrity, creativity and finally hardwork. We always aim to be creative and produce content that will help your business/organisation attract attention. Our core values are most definitely in the details.


1.8 Million words. That’s the value of one minute of video. Do you have the time and energy to write 1.8 million words? We make sure your story is told in the most efficient and powerful way.


Video search results have a 41% higher click-through than plain text results. For you, that means higher clients’ engagement with your brand. We guarantee that you will be heard!


64% of website visitors are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. Video is 50 times more likely to get organic page ranks in Google than plain text results.

Team Members

Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of people.